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Indy heeft plenty Goede Doelen:

  1. Dieren (en dieren van Indy (zie fotoos): Protection & preservation of Animal Wild Life & RESCUEING Endangered species
  2. Kinderen: Preventie Kinder mishandeling
  3. Weeshuis Indonesië
  4. ME-CVS (Chronisch Vermoeidheids Syndroom)
  5. opbouw 'TOKO Indy Kern'
  6. Centrum Indy Kern 
  7. ..
  8. ...
  • Indy rek. .. volgt nog
  • rest volgt

HELP RESCUE homeless Animals

Indy helped long time Shelters for Rescue Dogs (from Spain, is where her Stray-dog came from. She helped as a Dog-Mama when dogs were flying in to Holland to give them the first aid and shelter so they could be adopted by the right new Dog-Parents/ 'owners')

Zeer GOED DOEL: Help Animal Wildlife from extinction!

Indy helped the shelter ('Asiel') in Helmond to give shelter for groups of the youngest tiny kittens who were found in the streets without mother. She took them in her home to give them milk in a little bottle so they would survive and to nurture and nurse them back to health & growth.

STOP Child Abuse!

Een zeer GOED DOEL: STOP Child abuse!

Indy is very committed and invested in this topic: Incest & Child Abuse (in physical or mental or sexual ways) is such a horror (she is so glad she never experienced it herself but her children did (and they are now in Heaven) so Indy is very fanatic in this area, like with the animal-Children).

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